Maryland Boat Trailer Registration Information

Ensure your boat is properly registered for use in Maryland.
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In Maryland, boat trailers are subject to the same laws as passenger vehicles. You must have a title for your trailer, and registration and inspection are required if you plan to tow the trailer on state roads. Register your trailer at a Maryland Vehicle Administration branch office or by mail.


A title is proof of ownership. If you buy your trailer new from a dealer in Maryland, the dealer will provide the title and registration. If the trailer is used, you will need the previous title, a notarized bill of sale that includes the purchase price, and a Maryland Safety Inspection Certificate.


To register your boat trailer, you need a Maryland title and a Certificate of Inspection. You must also provide proof of liability insurance. Boat trailers are registered by the Maryland Vehicle Administration (boats are registered by the Department of Natural Resources.). The fee for registering a trailer varies based on its towing capacity.

Fees and Excise Tax

In 2010, the fee for a new title was $50. The state also charges an excise tax on trailer purchases, determined by the price of the trailer. If the trailer is more than seven years old, the excise tax will be of 6 percent of the purchase price or $320, whichever is greater.

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