How to Transport a Travel Trailer Without a Title Transfer

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Complete a bill of sale with the seller and have this with you when transporting the trailer to your home. Check the trailer for old license plates and see if the license plates are current. Most states have a date stamp issued yearly indicating it is up to date and registered. Ensure the trailer's plates are up to date.

Call your local DMV or vehicle and licensing agency to ask if they issue travel permits for sales such as this. Bring your bill of sale and insurance card indicating the trailer is insured under your coverage. Fill out the form to get the transport permit.

Attach the transport permit to the trailer or towing vehicle as directed by your state's laws. Keep the bill of sale and insurance card with you during the transport to the home. Many permits allow transport only from the point of sale to new owner's home. Do not abuse the permit as it may lead to tickets, impoundment or stiff fines.

Call your local Sheriff's department and ask for information on the laws for transport in your jurisdiction. Ask if you may legally transport the trailer with the old license plates post-sale, but prior to the title transfer.


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