How to Become an Escort Vehicle in Pennsylvania

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Escort vehicles are those that precede oversize loads being driven on public roadways. These oversize loads are usually of construction material and equipment being escorted to or from a construction site. The escort vehicles guide the oversize load, which is usually hauled by trucks with a warning banner and flags to advise nearby vehicles to make way for the trucks behind the escort vehicle.

Register with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Central Permit Office to have a permit application mailed to you.

Meet the requirements for an escort vehicle, which must be a truck. The vehicle must be equipped with one or two flashing lights, a red flag on each side of the truck mounted on the roof, and signs on front and rear bumper with "OVERSIZE LOAD" written on it. The signs must be clean yellow at least 7' wide by 18" high, and with 2" letters in black. Liability insurance must be acquired in the combined amount of at least $1 million.

Mail back the permit application with proof of insurance and picture of escort truck. The picture must show the truck with the signs, flags and lights illuminated. You will receive your permit within two weeks by mail.

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