What Is an ACS Warrant?

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An ACS warrant refers to the statewide electronic warrant program used in the state of New Jersey. ACS stands for Automated Complaint System, a program of the New Jersey municipal courts.


ACS began in 1996 along with ATS, which stands for the Automated Traffic System. The ATS/ACS system created a database for case management functions for the state's municipal court system, but it also allowed for a streamlined electronic warrant system that includes law enforcement.


The ACS warrant system allows police departments in municipalities that are part of the ACS system to access a statewide electronic traffic and criminal warrant system. The ACS system also allows all existing warrants to be accessible during proceedings in a New Jersey municipal court.


Because ASC features every active warrant, it allows police officers all over the state to see warrants and execute them. The warrant system's connection to the rest of case management means that warrants are quickly recalled or updated depending on their status. Also, a warrant's activity history is kept in the archives for each complaint, available for review.


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