How to Check a Driver's License Status for Alabama

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To check your Alabama driver’s license status, you can request a driving record from the Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver License Division. This allows you to know a history of violations, collisions, convictions and all departmental actions you incurred over a period of time, usually up to three years. Since the service can also allow third party checking of a driver’s license, it is also a way for to find out if a license is suspended or revoked.

Decide How You Want to Obtain the Report

Choose the process you want to use to check the status of your Alabama driver’s license. You can obtain your own report by purchasing it by mail or in person. Companies can take advantage of the state's e-Gov Service, which provides convenient online access to drivers’ records. A company must be an Alabama DPS Motor Vehicle Driver Abstract Search subscriber to use this service. The application form is available online at the Alabama government website’s link for subscription services ( Applications may also be completed by contacting the Alabama Interactive Customer Service at 1-866-353-egov (3468).

Gather Your Details

Prepare the driver’s license number you intend to check and other required details for the request. While the more specific steps slightly vary depending on your choice of report purchase, the basic idea is to provide the license number, name, registered address, birth date and other details found in the driver’s license card for any request. You'll also need to fill out a driver record request, available from any Alabama DMV office.

Make Payment

Pay the amount for the request. If using the online platform, you need to pay using a credit card. If requesting it in person, you can pay by credit card, cash or check.

Review and Correct Errors

Review the report to see the updated status of the license. If you see any error or any point of concern regarding the record, immediately contact the Alabama DPS Driver License Division. It is always ideal to periodically check your driving record, even if you don’t have any compelling reason to do so. This is because errors can possibly occur and such mistakes on your record may carry serious implications. For instance, this can impact your insurance premiums, employment application, or worse, this might even lead to an arrest or a license suspension.

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