How to Write a Letter to Defend Myself in Court

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Write a strong beginning statement. The first line will set the tone for the rest of the letter, so it will need to sound confident, professional, and ready to defend yourself. It is good to let the opposition know that you are not afraid of the charges against you and let them know that you have done your homework. The beginning statement must be strong so that everyone in the court knows that you are prepared for anything.

Word the middle segment strongly and with researched information. Do not just ramble about how you are innocent and wrongly accused. It should be well-structured and to the point. Do not make it too long to bore the courtroom, but not short enough so that it is easy to forget and easy to misquote. Make it quick, but thorough and to the point. Mark it with several intelligent legal statements that show the court you have done your homework and are taking it seriously.

End the letter strongly as well. The last sentence is often the only one that the majority of the people listening will remember. This being the case, try and summarize your entire letter in a sentence or two. The last thought should be stating that you are offended by the charges or you only want proper justice to be done. It needs to be something that tells the court that you are innocent and are on the side of actual justice.


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