How Can I Look for Jail Inmates in Boston, Massachusetts for Free?

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Massachusetts does not release prisoner information to the general public. If you are the victim of a crime or a family member concerned that a loved one may be in jail, the state can release certain information to you. Inmates can voluntarily enroll in websites designed for prisoner outreach, even if the government cannot release their information for them. Whether you are concerned or curious, there are ways to find out information about inmates in Boston.

Call the Massachusetts Department of Correction at 877-421-8463. Have the prisoner's first and last name and/or their commitment number available. If you qualify for information, they can release where the inmate is being held, their release date, and put you on a list for notifications of any status changes.

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Visit and search for the convicted person in question by first and last name or commitment number. Not all Massachusetts correctional facilities use Vinelink, so call the Department of Correction if you have any questions.

Find inmate connections online. If your interest in finding Boston inmates is not one that will qualify you for information from the state, you can look for inmates on the Internet. Certain websites are designed specifically to facilitate prisoners looking for relationships and pen-pals. If you want to reach out and provide support to an inmate, try websites like and search by location.