How Does a Probation Travel Permit Work?

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When a person on probation wants to travel they first must gain a permit. Permits vary depending on the extent of probationer classification due to the crimes committed. There are two types of travel permits a probationer can attain: A provisional travel permit and a temporary travel permit.

Provisional Travel Permit

The provisional permit is when a probationer is seeking to have the supervision of their probation relocated to a different state or district. These are used for longer trips when the probationer will have to check in before it is time to return. They may also be used for probationers with low probationer classification.

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Temporary Permits

A temporary permit is when a probationer is seeking to travel for a limited amount of time outside their district. Temporary travel permits are based on the probationer supervision level, ranked one through five. The higher the probationer is ranked, the longer his permit may be extended.

Travel Approval

When seeking a travel permit, a probationer must gain written approval from their supervising probation officer. The probationer must provide details of the need to travel along with the travel locations and the length of time they want to be away. If a permit is not attained, probation may be revoked.

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