What Is Suspended Probation?

Suspended probation means the individual does not need to serve his probation sentence.
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When an individual receives probation from the courts, she must strictly adhere to certain terms and conditions of probation. A probation officer will monitor her to ensure she is compliant. Sometimes, however, a judge will suspend probation.


Suspended probation means that a term of community supervision is canceled and the offender does not have to serve his probation sentence.


Probation may be suspended for a variety of reasons, based on the judge's discretion. Usually, the court will find it is in the best interest of justice to suspend probation. The offender may be moving out of the country, he may have paid an excessively high fine, or served many community service hours. However, suspended probation is rare.

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Although courts sometimes will terminate probation early, the courts set and monitor requirements closely. The offender must pay all fines, continue with a crime-free lifestyle, stay drug-free, and obey all other probation terms. In addition, the offender needs to have completed a certain percentage of his probation term.

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