About South Carolina Short Term Disability

If you were injured at work, you may qualify for temporary disability payments in South Carolina.
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South Carolina offers short-term, or temporary, disability benefits under its State Accident Fund (SAF). If you have a job-related injury, you may qualify for this benefit. In order to qualify, your doctor has to find that you can't work because of an injury you suffered at work.


Usually, if you're declared temporarily disabled, you'll receive one check that covers all the benefits you're entitled to. However, if you're out of work for a long period, you may receive weekly checks instead. The amount is 2/3 of your "average weekly wage," which is calculated from your total earned income of the year before your accident or illness.

Waiting Time

You're eligible for temporary disability benefits starting on the eighth day you become disabled. If your doctor says you need to be out of work for 15 or more days, you'll receive benefits back to the first day. Your first check will come about 14 days after SAF approves your claim.

Benefit End

Your benefits will end when you return to work. If you can only return to work part time, or at a job that pays less than what you earned before your injury, you may be able to receive 2/3 of the difference in income for a period of no more than 340 weeks.

Maternity Leave

South Carolina does not provide medical or maternity leave benefits for those employed in the private sector. Employers with 15 or more employees can't fire a private or a state worker who takes leave for pregnancy disability.