How to Find My Criminal Charges

Criminal charges and court records are considered public records and access is readily available at the court records room where the charges were brought and where the trial occurred. Many localities have now also made their indexes available online through searchable public record databases. The amount and type of information you seek about the charges and the trial will determine which of these steps would benefit your search the most.

Search an online database such as, Criminal Searches, or Public Record Search Online to find the localities where the charges occurred, the type of charges, docket numbers, and other potentially relevant information.

Hire a private investigator or researcher to obtain information or the records for you. The more information you can provide them, the less labor hours you will be billed for during their research.

Call the prosecutor's office or police department in the locality where the charges occurred with the information you were able to find. It will help narrow down the choices if you have more information available in the event there is more than one person with your name and criminal charges in the locality. In some instances they will also be able to fax the records to you.

Visit the records room for the court where the charges were brought against you. Search through the indexes of open and closed trials. If you need assistance or have questions, the office staff there will be able to direct you to the records you seek.

Copy the files pertaining to the charges and the court case so that you can take them with you. You will then have a copy on hand for any information you need or questions you may have later.



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