How to Check Michigan License Plates

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The Michigan Secretary of State provides a Record Lookup Unit to search for available vehicle registration or license plate histories. You can request a prepaid search at your local branch office for records on yourself. To look up information on another person, you must get the proper request form and mail it in or go directly to the Record Lookup Unit in Lansing, Michigan. Commercial users can create a free account to access the secretary of state website and obtain free certified record copies.

Go directly to your nearest secretary of state branch office with your driver's license and license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number for a vehicle registration check. You must complete a records request form which requires you to explain the reason why you want the information. Ask the office clerk to assist with your request and let them know if you would like a certified copy of any records found on file. Payment methods accepted include checks, cash, money order, MasterCard and Discover.

Pick up a request for another person's records or download it from the Michigan Secretary of State website. Follow the instructions on the form to fill it out and mail with payment to the address listed on the bottom of the document or the website. Call 517-322-1624 for assistance filling out the request.

Create a free account with the secretary of state website, which is for commercial users. This program allows you to search for specific records through a data system for a fee. You must have a compatible computer and fill out the required information before establishing this service. Once you set up your account, you can search records from your computer and receive a monthly bill for inquiries made.