How to Find Court Records in the State of Oklahoma

By Jeremy Ruch
Oklahoma court recorded searches can be conducted quickly online.

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Oklahoma makes court records available online for public access. Case records and are available through the Oklahoma States Court Network. This database also includes a wide variety of state legal documents, ranging from Attorney General's Opinions to Fee and Bond Schedules. Court record searches include Supreme Court, Criminal Appeal, Civil Appeal, Judiciary and Judicial Ethics cases. Searches for court decisions can be conducted by year, and for most courts, searches can include at least several decades of court decisions.

Access the "Index of Available Documents" on the official website of the Oklahoma State Courts Network (see Resources).

Click "expand" next to the category of documents you are interested in. This will redirect you to more specific search options.

Click "expand" again next to the specific document category in which you are interested, or click "search" to conduct a direct search by keyword.

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