How to Obtain Illinois Arrest Records

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Illinois law requires that all criminal arrest records be made available to the public. However, if you are accessing arrest records for the purposes of pre-employment or housing screening, the person whose records you're seeking must be notified. Searching for someone's criminal arrest record is fairly simple but you'll have to pay a processing fee. And in some searches it's necessary to collect fingerprints.

Obtain the Non-fingerprint Conviction Request Form (Form ISP6-405B). You can order it from the Illinois State Police website. You may also call the state police's Bureau of Investigation to request the form. The number is 815-740-5160.

Complete the form by providing the following data on the person whose arrest record you want: first and last name, date of birth, gender, sex and ethnicity. Include any aliases in your search request, as well as a woman’s unmarried name if applicable.

Submit the form to the Illinois State Police Bureau of Investigation, 260 North Chicago Street, Joliet, Illinois 60431-1060. Send a $16 processing fee with your request.

Obtain and submit the Fingerprint Conviction Information Request Form (ISP6-404B) if your non-fingerprint search yielded poor results or if you have incomplete identification data. The fingerprint conviction request will provide the most comprehensive search and yield the most accurate results. Request the form on the Illinois State Police website or by phone.

Complete the from. In addition to general identification data, you must include official copies of the fingerprints of the person you are conducting the search. The state police recommends that fingerprints be taken at a local police department or sheriff’s station.

Submit the form to the state police's Bureau of Investigation along with a $20 processing fee.

Enroll in the electronic search service. It is possible to conduct non-fingerprint electronic searches and receive the results within 24 hours. But since this process requires enrollment, it is recommended for agencies and not individuals. You can request more information about this service by contacting the Bureau of Investigation.



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