How to Request Early Release From Jail

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Step 1

Organize your case. Outline the relevant points.

Step 2

Compose a rough draft, with the facts of the case and why you should be released.

Step 3

Rewrite a final draft. Seek input from friends or family who may remind you of points your have forgotten. Others can help with grammar, spelling and sentence structure, if needed.

Step 4

Talk to a lawyer and enlist legal advice, if needed. Lawyers specializing in early release from jail know the ins and outs of the court system and can assist you further with wording and with the proper format of your appeal.

Step 5

Submit your appeal to the judge and wait for his response. Stay hopeful. If he does not approve the appeal on the first try, he may give you reasons that you can address in a rebuttal. You may need to wait and try again.


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