How to Find Information on Inmates at SCI Muncy

The state of Pennsylvania's legal system provides the public with access to SCI Muncy inmates' case files
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Located near the banks of the Susquehanna River in Muncy, Pennsylvania, SCI Muncy opened in 1920 and serves the taxpayers of Pennsylvania by incarcerating female inmates who have been convicted of capital crimes. As of 2010, the facility played host to 1402 female inmates. The state of Pennsylvania has placed both a corrections and court system database online which enables the retrieval of Muncy inmate information.

How to Find Information on Inmates at SCI Muncy

Obtain the necessary facts to identify the inmate whose information you are seeking. It is possible to obtain information about an inmate based on name only. However, it can also be helpful to know additional facts such as date of birth due to the fact that some inmates may share the same or similar names.

Utilize the state of Pennsylvania's web-based inmate locator system. The inmate locator system can be accessed through the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections website. The system provides a variety of search and sort options which access a database of the offenders inside the state corrections system. In order to find inmates incarcerated at Muncy, you will need to select the "Muncy" option from the location drop-down menu. If you do not have the exact name of the inmate, browse through a listing of all Muncy inmates simply by leaving all other input fields blank.

The inmate locator system will provide a description of the inmate, state the inmate's date of birth, list the inmate's committing county and generate a list of aliases used by the inmate. Make a note of the inmate's committing county as this will assist you in the next step.

Retrieve the applicable court records from the Pennsylvania unified judicial system web portal. This web portal has been established by the Pennsylvania judicial system to provide the public with comprehensive records of court actions taken in Pennsylvania courts.

Enter the inmate's identification information and the committing county information which you retrieved from the inmate locator system. These inputs should allow you to access the inmate's specific case file. This file will detail the charges against the inmate as well as the disposition of those charges, the date of the alleged crime and provide the contact information for the inmate's attorney.

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