How to Check for Warrants in Los Angeles

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If you miss a court date or do not fulfill one of the conditions of your probation, you might end up with a warrant. You can check for warrants by calling a local courthouse, speaking with employees in the Criminal or Traffic Division, or contacting your attorney. Having a warrant puts you at risk of ending up in jail if you are stopped for a minor traffic violation or need police assistance after a crime. Always do what the court asks of you, whether it is merely appearing at a hearing or completing a sentence for a crime. Check with the courts after completing all requirements to ensure that overlooked paperwork did not trigger a warrant.

Call the courthouse for the district in Los Angeles where you believe you may have a warrant. If you are not sure where you have a an outstanding warrant, call any courthouse in Los Angeles. The county clerk should be able to look up your name and tell you which courthouse to contact regarding a warrant.

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Speak to the clerk in the Criminal Division unless your warrant was for an unpaid traffic citation, in which case you will need to speak to the clerk in the Traffic Division. Verify that the courthouse you have contacted handles the warrant.

Visit the courthouse in person and ask the clerk to print out a list of your warrants. The list should include a case number for each warrant. Ask the clerk what to do to get a court date to recall the warrant.

Contact your attorney. Give him the case numbers and court date. Your attorney can help you recall the warrant. If you got the warrant because you didn't fulfill a term of your probation, for example, your attorney can present evidence in court that you fulfilled it. Attend the hearing with your attorney to recall the warrant.

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