How to Get a Release of Liability Form for a Lease

A release of liability is a legal document that protects a person, such as a lessor, from liability. In the instance a lessee suffers injuries in the course of using a leased vehicle, the lessee states through the release she will not take legal action against the lessor. Although both parties to an activity or lease contract may sign a release of liability, it does not indemnify the provider of the activity or lease contract because a person's right to sue cannot be taken away.

Purchase or download a liability release form from an office supply store or a website such as Find Legal or Doc Find a release form that is tailored to lease or rental agreements or one that is general and can be customized.

Describe the leased property in detail. For instance, if an automobile is being leased, insert the make, model, year, color, and VIN number. Include language in the form stating the lessor is not to be held liable while the lessee is in possession of the leased vehicle.

If leasing a property, include a section that states the address and description of the property and an acknowledgment that the lessor will not be held liable for any injuries or damages to personal property incurred by the lessee while occupying the property.

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Sign the release of liability in the presence of at least one witness. Make copies of the executed lease liability release, providing copies to both parties.

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