How to Fill Out a North Carolina General Warranty Deed

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North Carolina requires that interests and transactions involving real estate be written to be legally enforceable. To transfer title of real estate, the parties in the transaction execute a deed. North Carolina recognizes various deed types; one common form is the “General Warranty Deed.” General Warranty deeds provide the grantee (the new titleholder) several protections from the grantor (the former titleholder). There are six covenants in a general warranty deed. Each covenant essentially states that the grantor has title, will defend title, and will cure defects in title.

Download and print a blank North Carolina General Warranty Deed Form. Copies of these forms may be available from your county’s registry of deeds. A blank form has also been provided in the resources below.

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Write the date that you are making the deed. Under the “Grantor” section of the deed, write the name of the person transferring title. Under “Grantee”, write the name of the person receiving title.

Describe the parcel of land. Use the street address and include the North Carolina County where the land is located. Additionally, look at the original deed to the land and use any other land description (such as landmarks and parcel measurements) used in the deed on the general warranty form.

List where the original deed has been recorded if it has been recorded. Typically, the North Carolina register of deeds (which has offices in each North Carolina county), will have a book containing the deeds to each parcel of land in that county. Write this information onto the deed if you have it. Include a reference to any maps that have been recorded that show the parcel of land.

Sign and date the deed. Both the grantor and the grantee must sign the deed. Have the deed notarized and deliver it (by hand or by mail) to the grantee.

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