How to Obtain a Death Certificate in Tennessee

By Jennifer Holik
Death certificates are necessary in closing a decedant's estate.

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Ordering a death certificate in Tennessee is a fast process requiring only a few pieces of information. The state has three main avenues by which you can order a copy of a death certificate. Investigate all avenues because each has its own process and set of fees.

Contact the county in which the person died. The County Clerk typically maintains all vital records. Consult the clerk's web page for information on how to order a death certificate.

Contact VitalCheck to order a death certificate online. Begin by choosing "Death Certificate" as the type of record requested. Select Tennessee as the state in which the person died. Select the city in which the person died. Enter the date of death. Provide a reason for requesting the certificate. Select the type of death record, long or short form. Read the authorizing information screen. Decide if you would like more than one certificate. Enter information about yourself, the person ordering the certificate. Enter payment information.

Use the Tennessee Department of Health's website. Request a copy of a death certificate using their online form or by mailing a written request. Include a copy of a photo identification card as part of the written request.

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