How to Transfer a Deed Title in Oklahoma

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Several circumstances may necessitate the transfer of a deed title in Oklahoma. For instance, a deed title could be transferred from a deceased parent to a surviving child, or separating spouses may transfer the deed title from one spouse to the other. Oklahoma allows for many types of deed transfers to fit most situations.

Read the appropriate Oklahoma state statute dealing with your situation, such as probate deed transfers, martial dissolution property division or purchase deed transfers involving the sale of residential property.

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Purchase an Oklahoma-specific deed transfer. This can be a non-warranty deed, warranty deed or quitclaim deed, depending on the circumstances. In general, non-warranty deeds are for residential sale and purchase, while quitclaim deeds are for probate situations.

Complete the Oklahoma deed instrument. Fill in all sections and have each party sign in the presence of a notary or witness. Include the property address and its legal description, and identify by name the grantor(s) and the grantee(s). Make copies of the deed and record the deed transfer with the assessor's office in the county where the property is located.


  • Consult an Oklahoma bar-certified real estate or probate attorney before finalizing the transfer to ensure all legal requirements have been met.