How to Trace an 888 Number

It helps to have caller ID to trace a number.
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Receiving calls from solicitors and marketers can be worrisome. It makes you wonder how they get such private information. Most of the time your information can be bought from other companies that you've filled out forms or applications for in the past, including websites. This is why you should be aware of your rights and the laws concerning you and your private information.

Purchase a telephone that has caller identification included. This feature is available on both home phones and mobile phones.

Set your phone to where it doesn't accept unknown callers. This will prevent callers from using a telephone-number blocking device or system.

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Read your phone's display window when the phone rings. The window will display the phone number from which the caller is calling and the caller's name or place of business.

Document each time, date, phone number and name that is displayed in your caller ID window. This log will become useful for investigative measures.

Search online for "reverse telephone number look-up" services. Some of these services will charge a fee and others are free.

Follow the directions on your preferred website and use your proof log to type in any information that they request. Usually, the more you know, the easier it is to trace a phone number.


  • If you feel threatened by any call that you receive, notify the police.

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