How to Deed a Mobile Home

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A deed indicates ownership of land, not the home on that land. Whatever you choose to build on your land is then owned by you. You will receive a deed if you own the property on which your mobile home sits. You will not receive a deed if you rent a mobile home.

Investigate restrictions. If you are planning on putting your mobile home inside an established development, make sure mobile homes are allowed. Some developments do not allow them. Be sure to comply with local zoning ordinances.

Gather information about your home and property. You will need to provide the street address for your property to get a copy of your deed. You will need the names and addresses of the former owners of the property to transfer the deed. Other information you need includes city and county where the property is located, legal description of the property and amount of consideration.

Sign the deed. After you sign the deed, you will need to take it to the land records office in your county. This office is usually in the county courthouse. This office can go by different names such as County Recorder's Office or Land Registry Office. The clerk will stamp the deed with the date, make a copy and return the original to you.


  • A deed needs to be notarized and filed in the public records. In some states, it also may need to be witnessed. Always make sure all names are spelled correctly on the deed. Seek the help of a lawyer if you are transferring real estate. Enlist the help of a real estate agent for assistance with buying and selling mobile homes.


  • Deed are typically recorded at your county clerk's office if you or your lawyer are unable to find a copy. Some states require a small fee to record your deed.


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