How to Detect Smoking in an Unauthorized Area

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Standard smoke detectors are usually not sensitive enough to detect the presence of cigarette smoke, and while the odor that cigarette smoke gives off is strong and distinctive, it is not always possible to personally monitor each and every area of your business or workplace. Luckily, there are several methods of detecting smoking in an unauthorized area.

Step 1

Purchase and install an anti-smoking flame detector. Unlike traditional smoke detectors, flame detectors are designed to detect the presence of the chemicals released when a cigarette is lit. These devices can be purchased at local hardware stores or on-line. They are designed to sound an alarm similar to that of a smoke detector.

Step 2

Arrange for an air quality inspection. Companies that specialize in air quality inspections can evaluate the air quality in your place of business and provide you with a report detailing the chemicals and pollutants---including cigarette smoke---that are present in the air.

Step 3

Purchase an air quality detection device. Like flame detectors, air quality detection devices are available at most hardware stores and on-line, and they are designed to detect the presence of air pollutants like cigarette smoke. They also will sound an alarm when a pollutant is detected.


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