How to Copyright My Product Name

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To protect a product name, apply for a trademark instead of a copyright. This protects the brand from others looking to use the same or similar name.

To protect a product name, apply for a trademark or service mark instead of a copyright. Obtaining a trademark will protect the name and owner from others using the same or similar name for their products. This prevents confusion in the marketplace and helps to set apart different products and their names.

Educate yourself about the details involved in copyright and trademark law. This can be a confusing area; before proceeding with any applications, thoroughly research the steps that are to be taken and the types of protections offered.

Choose several names that would be appropriate for your product, as it is possible that your first choice may already be trademarked. Then, search the Trademark Database to determine whether your product name is available. If it is not available, search for the other names you have chosen.

Choose an available product name and complete the online application for a trademark. Read all of the information presented to insure proper completion of the process. Make sure you answer all questions carefully and completely. If including a logo with your application, provide one in .jpeg format, not exceeding 5 megabytes.

Submit the application; a "success" message will confirm that the application was transferred.

You will receive a receipt containing the serial number assigned to your trademark application within six months of filing. Once this serial number is received, you can monitor the status of your trademark application. Decisions are available approximately one month after receipt of the serial number.


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