What Is an Unabridged Birth Certificate?

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The United States issues primarily unabridged birth certificates. Other countries, such as South Africa and the United Kingdom, might issue abridged birth certificates, which are commonly computer printouts that summarize basic information about an individual’s birth. A citizen of these countries typically requires an unabridged birth certificate when they need to travel overseas.

Parents’ Information

In the United States, an unabridged birth certificate lists the parents’ names, address(es) and social security numbers. It will also include the mother’s maiden name.

Doctor’s Name

Unabridged birth certificates include the name and license number of the doctor who presided over the birth. It will also include the location of the birth and whether or not it was in a hospital.

Other Details

The exact time of birth, single or multiple birth status, register number and medical record number are all included on unabridged birth certificates.


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