How do I Obtain a Gun Permit in Maryland With an Online Test?

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Handgun permits in Maryland are approved by the Maryland State Police. Other types of guns do not require a permit in Maryland. Online tests are not available for permits, but a system called Live Scan is available to replace the need for fingerprint cards as part of the application process.

Live Scan

Maryland State Police require handgun permit applicants to submit their fingerprints. Previously, one set of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint cards and one set of Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) fingerprint cards needed to be submitted by mail. Live Scan is an electronic way of submitting fingerprints to the State Police as part of a handgun application and is provided by private businesses for a fee.


The licensing application for a handgun in Maryland can be downloaded from the Maryland State Police website (see References). Things to submit with the application include two passport photos, the required fee and notarization on the completed application.

Completing the Application

Even when using Live Scan as part of the application process, handgun permit applicants must send the rest of their application in by mail with the appropriate fee.