How to Mail the Form 1040

Taxpayers can mail Form 1040.
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Each year people must file their taxes. Taxpayers will usually need to file one of the Form 1040s, whether it is Form 1040, Form 1040-EZ, Form 1040-A or another such form. The taxpayer has the option to e-file the form or to mail the form to the Internal Revenue Service. There are certain precautions the taxpayer should make when mailing the Form 1040.

Read through your Form 1040 and check if any line you entered data on requires an attached form. If an attached form is required, be sure to include it in your form package. Also check that you signed Form 1040.

Place the form and any required attachments into an envelope. It is easier to use a bigger envelope so you will not need to fold any of the forms. The IRS may also have provided you with an envelope.

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Look up the appropriate address to mail the form on the back cover of the Form 1040 Instructions. Address the envelope with this address. Include a return address on the upper left-hand side of the envelope.

Take it to the post office, place the appropriate amount of postage on the envelope and mail it.