How to Print a Legal Document for Free Online

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Step 1

Select a document. Choose a website that offers free copies of the document you need (see Resource). Click on the document you want to print.

Step 2

Highlight the legal document. Click with your mouse and drag the mouse over the entire document to highlight all the content.

Step 3

Right click over the highlighted text and choose "copy" from the menu that pops up.

Step 4

Open a word processing program from your home computer. Leave the page with the highlighted document open as well.

Step 5

Right click in the word processing program and choose "paste" from the menu provided. This will put a copy of the document into the word processing program.

Step 6

Make edits to the document. Fill in any information needed to customize the document before printing. Save the document to a designated folder on the computer.

Step 7

Click on "File" in the top, left corner of the word processing program. Click "Print" and click, "OK" at the bottom of the page to print the document.



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