Dual Mexican Citizenship Requirements

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As of 1998, individuals who had once lost their Mexican citizenship due to becoming naturalized in a new home country, can now regain their Mexican citizenship once again. The process, known as dual Mexican citizenship, allows native Mexicans, and their children who may be living abroad, to regain or gain Mexican citizenship. This citizenship is in addition to the one from their host country and permits individuals to travel or conduct business within Mexico without facing legal obstacles.

Requirements for Mexican Nationals

Mexican nationals who have legally immigrated to a host country and are seeking dual citizenship must furnish one copy and two photo copies of the original or certified copy of their birth certificate. Persons who have become naturalized in their host country will also need to provide documents proving they are citizens of said host country. This can be done by providing their naturalization certificate or a passport. This proof of citizenship must be accompanied by a legal picture identification card, such as a state ID, driver's license or passport.

Requirements for Children of Mexican Nationals

Children of native Mexican nationals who are pursuing a dual citizenship must provide two photo copies and an original of their birth certificate or certified copy of it. This certified copy must contain an apostille form from the Secretary of State. This form is used to indicate the certified copy is recognized by the home country. Children are also required to furnish the birth certificate belonging to their father, mother or both. Providing the parents' birth certificate helps prove the child is the offspring of a Mexican national.

Additional Requirements

All individuals who wish to obtain dual Mexican citizenship must be the legal age of 18 years and be mentally well. Women who have been married must present their marriage certificate along with the application. Individuals seeking dual citizenship are also required to provide two passpor- size photos of themselves, measuring 2-inches by 2-inches. Once all required documents have been gathered and the application has been completed, they can be submitted to the Mexican consulate's office in the host country for processing.