How to Get Bermudian Citizenship

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Becoming a citizen of Bermuda can be appealing for a number of reasons. Long-time residents of the territory may want to be identified as full-fledged Bermudians and have the ability to vote in local elections. Bermuda citizens also enjoy a wide variety of tax breaks on purchases and income made on the island nation. However, given those enticing reasons (particularly the tax breaks) there are a number of requirements that must be met before a person can qualify for Bermuda citizenship.

Marry a Bermuda citizen. Unless a person is born to one or two parents that are Bermudians, a person can only be eligible for Bermuda citizenship if married for a prolonged period to a Bermudian. If a person has at least one parent that is a Bermudian, they can be eligible for citizenship without the marriage requirement, provided he meets the residency standards explained below.

Remain married to the Bermudian for at least ten continuous years, the minimum duration for a marriage before a foreigner can apply for Bermuda citizenship.

Move to Bermuda, and live there for at least seven years. The government of Bermuda is protective of its citizenship, so it typically wants to ensure the people becoming citizens are long-term residents of the island nation. Children of Bermudians do not need to meet any additional requirements before applying for citizenship, but foreigners married to Bermudians also must have lived with their Bermudian spouse for at least two years on the island before applying for citizenship.

Conduct yourself with good manners and character. Any application to become a Bermuda citizen is disclosed publicly, and existing citizens are invited to speak in favor of or against that application. During the seven years of residency required before a citizenship application, it is crucial to present yourself as a person who would be a welcome member of the Bermuda citizenry.

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