How to View Public Birth Records

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Birth records are a key element to tracing genealogy or finding individuals both past and present. While birth certificates are available at the county office where they are stored they are only available to the owner of the document or a parent if the individual is a minor. Birth records however, just the basic information of a birth and where it took place, were published in newspapers for decades before people were given a choice to opt out for privacy reasons. These records and other information can be found through a number of sources with a little time and effort.

Step 1

Begin by searching the name of the person whose birth record it is you wish to find. Often if it is posted on a website publicly it will be visible if you use a big search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

Step 2

Access a website that has genealogy records. Often these websites require a paid subscription but offer trial memberships. This may give you enough access to information to get the records you wish to view or a lead on where they may be found.

Step 3

Note the locations of where individuals were born and do an internet search for that county's database. Some county clerk offices post records online. Birth certificates won't be viewable; however birth records that were published in the newspaper or basic public listings of births and deaths of individuals may be available online.

Step 4

Hire a document search website such as Public Record Finder or U.S. Search. These sites have comprehensive lists of information compiled, and for a fee can give detailed records.


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