How to Obtain Telephone Records With Frontier

Getting your phone records can be helpful for a variety of reasons.
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Whether you're preparing for a court case, checking up on a potentially cheating spouse or wanting to know who calls your child's phone, you may need to confirm exactly when a specific phone call was made. Your phone company, Frontier Communications, keeps a record of every incoming/outgoing call, as well as the date, time and duration of all calls. Frontier can provide you with a detailed call history report. By law, this information can only be released to the account holder or with that person's permission.

Retain copies of your printed phone bills; each month's billing statement includes a call detail record page. Finding what you're looking for may be as simple as digging through a box of old phone bills. If you need to replace a lost billing statement, or if you have paperless billing, proceed to Step 2.

Create an online user account with Frontier. It's possible to reference and print copies of your call history directly from Frontier's website, usually going back several months. You can narrow your search by targeting a particular date range, such as a specific day or week.

Call Frontier Communications Customer Service and ask a representative to send you printed copies of your call detail history for a given time period. This is your only option if you need to replace a misplaced paper bill and do not have an online user account.

Prepare to verify your identity when talking to the customer service represenative. He will ask you some verification questions to prove you are who you claim to be. If you have a password or PIN number, have that ready when the CSR prompts you for it.

Produce any documents that may be required to prove you are the legal owner of the account or that you have authorization to obtain call detail records from the account holder. This is fairly common in cases where the person requesting the records forgets his password, fails the verification questions or is not the actual account holder.

Have a notarized authorization letter from the account holder if you are requesting another person's phone records. You can take it to your local Frontier office, fax it or send via postal mail.

Wait two to four weeks to receive your call detail history records by mail. Frontier will not fax or email phone records, and the company will only mail them to the postal address the phone bill is sent to.


  • According to the Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006, you cannot legally obtain call records for someone else's phone unless you are an immediate family member. However, there are a few exceptions: another party's phone records can be obtained by subpoena if those documents are relevant to a case. Law enforcement agencies may also access a suspect's phone records in criminal investigations.


  • While Frontier's policy is to provide customers a copies of their telephone records upon request; the company will not release phone records to unauthorized third parties without a subpoena.
  • If you're looking for records more than a year old, Frontier may may be able to retrieve them from the archives. However, this can delay receipt of your records for a few weeks.

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