Administrative Leave Employee Rights

Employers may place employees on administrative leave to investigate misconduct.
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Administrative leave is a process in which an employer places an employee on leave to investigate allegations of misconduct. However, administrative leave does not mean that the employee is guilty of a crime or any other form of misconduct.

Right to Pay

Employees such as teachers or law enforcers placed on administrative leave are entitled to receive the same pay and benefits they would normally receive.


Employees found guilty after an investigation will be disciplined. For example, if a teacher is found guilty of misconduct, he may have his job terminated, or he may be reassigned to another district. However, if an employee is found innocent of all charges, she has the right to return to work without any further consequence.


While an employee may receive pay during an administrative leave, he must be ready to return to work on short notice. Those placed on administrative leave may not hold another job that would conflict with their normal work schedule. Those who violate this policy will lose their right to pay and may face further consequences, such as job termination.

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