How Do I Check the Status of My Minnesota Photo ID?

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State identification cards, driver's licenses and vehicle registration details are overseen by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, which is located in the state capital of St. Paul. While most people use a driver's license as a primary form of identification, there are many reasons to carry a state identification card instead. ID cards are less expensive to acquire than a driver's license. For people who rely on other forms of transportation, who do not drive or whose licenses have been revoked, a Minnesota ID card is a good choice because it's pocket-sized, convenient and legal.

Phone the Help Line

Find a quiet place to make a phone call. Prepare for about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time. Dial 651-296-6911, which is the number for the Minnesota Department of Safety, Driver Licensing and Records Unit. Make sure to dial a 1 if you are outside the 651 area code.

Follow the Voice Commands

Listen to the voice on the the automatic information line. You will be told to press a number key to make a selection, or just say the name of the selection that you want. After hearing the choice "Ask for an agent," say the word "agent" into your telephone. You will then be given another set of choices. Say "identification card." You will then be asked, "Do you have your driver's license number ready?" Say "No." When using the voice prompt system, speak slowly and clearly. Interruptions in sound or conversation could cause the call to accidentally become disconnected. The voice prompt will tell you how many minutes you can expect to be on hold and states that calls are answered in the order they are received.

Speak to an Agent

Remain on the line until an agent picks up. When the agent answers, say you would like to know the status of your Minnesota photo ID card. The agent will then ask for your full name. Provide the agent with that information, starting with last name first. Speak slowly and provide the agent with letters and words to indicate the proper spelling. For instance, with the last name Nelson, respond with "N as in Nancy, E as in elephant" and so forth. The agent will retrieve status information from the computer system and provide you with an update on your photo ID.

Visit in Person

If you are in the St. Paul area, you may also stop in at the Department of Public Safety at the following address: Minnesota Department of Public Safety 445 Minnesota St. Suite 190 Saint Paul, MN 651-296-6911.


  • It takes approximately six to eight weeks to receive a Minnesota state identification card. If you have not received it within this time, you can make a simple call to find out why.