How Do I Check the Status of My Minnesota Photo ID?

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Most people in the state of Minnesota have a driver's license or state-issued identification card issued by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division. If they applied and did not get their state-issued ID or license, they can inquire about its status by filling out a Customer Service contact form on the Minnesota DVS website.

If they have a Minnesota driver's license and wish to know its status, they also can request their driver's record, which will have their license information, or they can find their driver's license status through the DVS Driver Services page.

Getting a State-Issued ID in Minnesota

Minnesotans of any age can apply for a state-issued ID card by paying the required fee and presenting proof of identity when visiting their local DVS branch office. Applicants cannot apply for an ID online, by mail or by phone, and the agency does not make appointments for ID cards.

An ID application takes four to six weeks to process. If they did not get their ID during that time, applicants can inquire with the DVS by filling out a Customer Service Contact Form online.

ID applicants need to show primary documents such as a birth certificate, a U.S. passport book or card (current or valid), or a Certificate of Birth Abroad, and secondary documents such as a state-issued driver's license or a Social Security card.

Change of Name

If they previously had a valid driver's license, ID card or permit in a name different from their current name, they must present proof of the legal name change, such as certified marriage certificates, divorce decrees or court orders that specify the name change and show a clear link between their primary and secondary documents.

Fees for a State ID

ID applicants will also pay fees:

  • Applicants under 65: $21.50.
  • Applicants over 65: $20.75.
  • Disabled applicants: $.50.
  • Homeless youth: Free.
  • Duplicate cards: $17.

Expediting a Minnesota State ID Card

Applicants who want to expedite the delivery of their state-issued ID card must pay a Fast Track fee of $20 in addition to the cost of the card. This expedited fee allows for card processing within three business days. It will take approximately 10 business days to receive a Minnesota ID card in the mail. Enhanced IDs or REAL IDs are not eligible for Fast Track services.

The DVS will not mail expedited cards to P.O. boxes, foreign country addresses or APO military addresses. The agency accepts payment by personal checks only.

Requesting a Minnesota Driving Record

The DVS allows Minnesotans to request a copy of their driver's record, which shows their license status, by filling out a Record Request form. Payment must accompany the request via check or money order, made payable to:

Driver and Vehicle Services Records Unit, 445 Minnesota St., Suite 161 St. Paul, MN 55101-5161. The DVS does not accept cash, and all payments must be in dollar amounts for these records:

  • Noncertified copy (five-year history): $9.00 (own record); $9.50 (another's record).
  • Certified copy: $10.00 (own record); $10.50 Certified copy (another's record).
  • License Issuance Date Letter: $10.00 (own record); $10.50 another's record).

Applicants can also find the status of their driver's license online through the DVS Driver Services page. They will enter their driver's license number to pull up the information.

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