Are the Numbers on the Back of the Social Security Card the Routing Numbers for the Federal Reserve?

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The American Bankers Association contracts with Accuity to assign financial institutions nine digit routing transit numbers to identify transactions between banks. The Social Security Administration issues Social Security numbers based on the applicant's zip code.

Social Security Cards

There have been 34 versions of the Social Security card. The only numbers shown on the back of any versions are the form number OA-702 or OA-702.1 and the revision date. The 1948 version referred to SSA as the "Federal Security Agency." This alternate name for SSA disappeared from the card by the 1953 version.

Federal Routing Number

Routing Transit Numbers for an individual's bank account appear on their personal banking checks. Of three sets of numbers shown, the RTN is normally the first set. Both the RTN and the individual's own account number are necessary to set up direct deposit or electronic withdrawals.


Verify RTN

Some banks have more than one routing number due to mergers or according to the location where the account is located. Individuals should verify the correct RTN for their bank account when setting up direct deposit or automated withdrawals for their bank account.




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