F1 Student Visa Work Permit Regulations

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If you are an international student, an F1 work permit visa permit allows you to secure employment on campus, and in certain situations, off campus as well. In order to retain such status, you must remain a full-time student, according to the F1 Student Visa website. You must also prepare to pay a $300 fee to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

On-Campus Employment

According to the University of Pennsylvania website, on-campus employment is a benefit of F1 Status. The work must be part-time, however, while school is in session. The law defines part-time as 20 hours a week. During major holidays and vacations, however, you may work full-time on campus.

Off-Campus Work

As a foreign student you may be able to secure a job off-campus if you are able to prove your need for such employment. According to the University of Pennsylvania website, you must prove by extensive paperwork that you incurred your economic hardship after obtaining F1 status; also, you must be able to establish that the circumstances which caused the difficulty were beyond your control. According to the U of P website, these circumstances can include the devaluation of your currency due to a significant economic crisis; a significant loss in the business of your financial sponsor, if you have one; or the unexpected loss of a scholarship (provided your loss was not due to poor grades).

Academic/Disciplinary Failure

According to the F1 Student Visa website, if your Form I-20 granting school asks you to leave for academic or disciplinary reasons, your F1 status ends immediately, and you must leave the United States forthwith. The website advises that in order to stay out of trouble, it's best to review the policies of your institution, both when it comes to academic and behavior standards.

Reinstatement Conditions

If your ouster from the school was the result of your own behavior or academic failure which happened because you chose not to study or complete your assignments, the F1 Student Visa website says that you are ineligible to apply for reinstatement. If your reasons for dismissal from your institution fit the criteria of an acceptable excuse--such as the closure of your school, an act of God, or negligence on the part of your designated school official, you may reapply within five months.