How to Locate a Time Share Deed

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You can find time share deeds through your relevant local authority, although the procedure might differ based on location.

You can locate time share deeds via your relevant local authority, as the deeds are a matter of public record. The procedure might differ slightly depending on if the record is kept by the county, city or state, but you can find time share titles either by approaching the relevant body in person, performing a search online or posting your request. Sometimes you might need to pay a small fee to obtain the time share deed, but again, that depends on the issuing authority.

Doing an Online Search

You can find some time share deeds online. Google searching your municipality along with "time share deed" can help you determine if such documents are available online. The city of New York, for instance, allows you to search title documents online using a party name, parcel identifier, document type or a choice of several other identifying elements.

Going Directly to the Council

If the time share deed you're searching for isn't available via an online search through a government department, you may need to contact that department directly. A quick Google search of the municipality where the time share is located will let you know which department you need to contact. For instance, in Hawaii, it's the Department of Land and Natural Resources, whereas in South Carolina, you'll find that local counties (e.g., Beaufort County) hold such records. At the very least, you'll likely need to know the name of the owner of the property for a search to be carried out.

Mailing Your Request

Once you have identified the relevant body where time share deeds are kept, you may wish to mail the department a request for the record, including the name of the owner of the property and a payment for any relevant fees. Some counties, like Clark County, Nevada, have a document request form that you can download and print out to mail. This is perhaps the slowest way to do it, as any missing or wrong information will take longer to correct via post.