Government Benefits for Seniors

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Older Americans must still apply to have age-based benefits started.
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Senior citizens enjoy many benefits guaranteed by the federal government. This ranges from health care to a monthly stipend, as well as guarantees regarding a choice of quality housing and long-term assisted-living facilities, should that be required at the end of life. These benefits are designed to allow a person who has worked his entire life to comfortably retire.


Medicare is a federally controlled health insurance program designed for United States citizens over the age of 65 and certain other citizens with disabilities. The program's several components can assist senior citizens in paying for the high costs of health care toward the end of life, including regular doctor's visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs and rehabilitative services. You may determine your eligibility for Medicare coverage by visiting the federal government's Medicare website and entering your personal information into the federal database.

Social Security Payments

Social Security payments are designed to support senior citizens who have been gainfully employed in the United States for a certain number of years. The age at which you may begin receiving Social Security benefits is 62, though payments received at this age will be less than if you wait to file until your full eligibility date. The age to receive full benefit payments varies depending on the year you were born, though most citizens will receive full benefits between the ages of 65 and 67.

Older Americans Act

The Older Americans Act was first passed in 1965. This series of laws provides guaranteed services for older Americans seeking housing with community-based long-term care. The law establishes the Aging Services Network, which manages grants and funding available to create communities and health services for older Americans. The goal here is to maintain a high standard of care that provides senior citizens with a choice about where to live out their retirement years.