Tenant Rights in RV Park

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All tenants are entitled to some basic rights under the rental laws of all states, regardless of the type or term or their tenancy. RV park tenants are no exception to this rule.

Basic RIghts

RV park tenants have the right to use laundry, shower and other common facilities located in the park for the duration of their tenancy. The landlord must also provide electricity, running water and sewage hookups as defined by the tenancy agreement.

Right To Privacy

Whether tenants lease the RV space, the vehicle or both, landlords must give notice to their tenants before entering the property, except in cases of emergency. This is true regardless of the length of tenancy.

Lease Agreements

Long-term RV park tenants who sign a lease agreement have the right to occupy the space allotted for their vehicles for the amount of time and at the price specified in the lease. The landlord cannot change this lease agreement without providing advance written notice to the tenant.

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