How to Add a Tenant to an Existing Rental Lease

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There are situations where you may have to modify a rental lease. One such instance is adding a tenant to an existing rental lease. Often, landlords and tenants sign a new lease when a tenant is added, although they can sign an amendment to the existing lease if they prefer. There are amendment forms that can be downloaded online. Landlords and tenants can also create a simple amendment form signed by both that stipulates the new rules for all parties.

Check the lease. The original lease may have a clause about occupancy limits.

Talk to your landlord. The tenant should make a written request to the landlord about adding a new roommate.

Create or download an amendment to the lease. The amendment should include the landlord and existing tenants' names, the address of the property, and the date the amendment takes effect.

Add details of a new tenant on the amendment. Include any changes in rent, security deposit, or length of lease.

Sign the amendment to the lease. All parties, including the new tenant, should sign the document.

Keep the amendment with the original lease.


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