How to Search for a Bench Warrant

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Compile the information you have that is related to the case or suspected case, including the name of the person or people involved, the original charge, the date or estimated date of arrest and the anticipated court date in that case. If you know the police agency that was involved, contact officers there to provide whatever information they have. If not, try the nonemergency number for the county E-911 center and ask if they can do an incident/arrest search based on the information you have.

Bring your information to the county district attorney's or prosecutor's office. A representative should know if the matter is a felony case being handled in a county court or if it's in a municipal justice court, and direct you to the appropriate place.

Request a copy of the bench warrant from the appropriate court clerk. If required, provide a Freedom of Information Act letter or form that notes the specific document you are looking for as well as your contact information. Depending on the state and the court's policies for processing records, it may take the clerk a few days to process the request. The clerk may also charge you for copies. Bench warrants are usually public records because the suspect has already been charged and/or arrested, but in some circumstances the order to bring that suspect back into court may be part of an ongoing investigation, which is one of the nine exemptions to Freedom of Information Act law where an agency has a reason to deny your request.


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  • The hands of the men chained in handcuffs, on a background of th image by Sergey Sukhorukov from