How to Identify Bar Codes From Mexico

Where does this barcode originate?
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Determining that a product is that of a Mexican company by using a bar code is possible when the product is issued with an EAN-13 symbol. While the UPC symbols on products distributed in America may look quite similar, the European EAN-13 system uses a numbering system which code is different than that of the UPC system. The two-digit or three-digit EAN numbering code denotes the country that assigned the manufacturer code. Manufacturing companies in Mexico, therefore, will each be assigned a code by the same issuing body, whose identification number is also on the EAN barcode. However, just because a product was issued by a Mexican company does not necessarily mean it was produced or grown there.

Flip the packaging or box over to find the bar code. This might be on a sticker, underneath or on the backside of an item.

Determine whether the product has an EAN-13 bar code. The human numbering on the bar code will begin with a 0 placed outside of the bars, to the left. There is no number outside the bars on the right side, as with a UPC-A symbol. Inside and below the bars, there will be two groups of 6 digits each in an EAN-13 bar code.

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Read the first three numbers on the left, below the bars. They should be 750 if the item was packaged and shipped from Mexico by a Mexican manufacturer.

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