How to Track an SSN Application

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You might think there would be some easy, online search engine for you to track an application for a Social Security number. (SSN) But you'll have to call or return in person to the office where you originally applied.

SSN Tracking

In this day and age when you can get detailed tracking online about when your new books or clothes will land on your doorstep, you might think there would be an easy way to find out what's up with your application for a Social Security number.

It's vital to have a Social Security number to work or even stay for extended periods in the United States. And while it's not hard for U.S. citizens to obtain an SSN for their newborn baby, the application process is more difficult for adults. Any applicant over the age of 12 must appear in person at an office to apply, with appropriate documentation and evidence.

The Social Security Administration says that it will mail your SSN and card as soon as it has verified the documents you presented with your application. If the wait seems longer than expected, you may want to check on the status of the application.

The Social Security Administration allows you to do many tasks online, from requesting a replacement card to applying for benefits. And they've recently put together a new "My Social Security Account" website where you can find all your benefits and accomplish many Social Security related tasks. But checking on the status of an application for an SSN isn't among them. In short, if you want to know how to track an SSN application status online, the short answer is: you cannot do so.

Check SSN Status

In order to check the status of your application for a Social Security Number, call or return to the office where you made your application. If you applied by mail, call the office to which you mailed the application.

If you go in person, be sure to bring photo identification with you. Bring a copy of the application, too, if you have it.

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