How to Find Free Information on Death Certificates for Colorado

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The passing of a friend or family member is never an easy event to overcome. People often drift apart as their lives take them in different directions, and they may not know much about the death of someone they were once close to. You can find free information on Colorado death certificates by searching a few resources.

Search the Social Security Death Index on the RootsWeb website (see the Reference section for a link) to get as much information as possible regarding the death. The Social Security Death Index gathers state records on deaths and allows you to find information such as date of birth, date of death and last known residence for free.

Search Colorado newspaper databases to look for obituaries or memorials. Major newspapers such as the Denver Post, the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Pueblo Chieftain publish obituaries and allow you to search their back issues for free (see the Reference section for links to Colorado newspaper websites).

Contact police offices and sheriffs' departments in the last city in Colorado the person lived to see if a report of death was filed. If law enforcement or rescue vehicles were called in response to the death, the agencies have a record indicating the decedent's name, date of birth and cause of death, if known.

Speak with the records division of hospitals in the city and county the person last resided in for details of the death. Hospitals in Colorado are required by law to keep a complete record of all deaths in their facilities and make them available to the public. As long as the case is not under investigation for signs of foul play, the hospital can provide you with the name, date of death and cause of death for free.

Contact the Colorado State Vital Records office in the county where the person died. Vital records offices are responsible for keeping track of all births, marriages and deaths that occur in Colorado and can provide you with all the information listed on the death certificate.


  • Never attempt to obtain vital records under false pretenses. Falsely filing for records in Colorado is punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and one year in jail.


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