How to Change the Name on a Birth Certificate in Indiana

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Your name on your birth certificate is your legal name, but it can be changed by following the regulations of the state in which you were born. In order to legally change your name in Indiana, you must provide the reason you are changing your name and your original birth certificate. You also must have a clean record and must not be involved with any pending legal actions to follow through with the name change. With a few quick steps, you can legally change your name on your Indiana birth certificate.

Fill out a petition form for a change of name with all your correct information (see Resources). This form will ask you information about reason of name change, your birth place and date, and other personal questions.

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Bring the petition sheet with you to the local Indiana court house. Submit your petition and get a court order for the name change, thought you will not always get accepted. Indiana does not accept a name change for purposes of fraud and/or in violation of others. You can not legally change your name in Indiana without a court order.

Make a copy of your original birth certificate. It does not have to have the seal imprint in the copy, but all the information must be visible.

Send a check for $10 made out to ISDH, the copy of your birth certificate and the court order to the Indiana State Department of Health by mail. The state will issue you a new birth certificate after they have received and accepted the information.

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