How to Check for Warrants in Indiana

Arrest warrants in the state of Indiana are not limited to criminal offenses. A warrant can be issued for a simple offense, such as failing to pay a ticket or committing a misdemeanor. Unless you have an attorney accompanying you, it is unwise to visit an Indiana police department in person to inquire about a warrant. If one has been issued for you, you will be arrested. To control the circumstances in which you will pay restitution for the offense, explore other ways to discreetly verify whether or not a warrant for your arrest is on file.

Telephone the court house for the county you believe has issued a warrant. Warrants for speeding tickets and misdemeanors are generally handled by the municipal court. Provide your name to the court clerk so she can check the court database for an arrest warrant. You may also have to provide your Social Security number and date of birth.

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Visit a website that allows you to check for Indiana warrant, including the Indiana State Records, Indiana's Most Wanted and the Indiana Warrants Directory. You will generally have to pay a fee to use these sites.

Visit the sheriff's website for the county you believe has issued a warrant. Look through the list of warrants to see if your name is listed. Note that some, but not all counties' sheriff's departments have a list of outstanding warrants posted on the site.

Consult with a reputable defense attorney to plan your response, if you have discovered that you have an outstanding warrant in Indiana. An attorney can describe your options, work out a plan and deal directly with the court to try to reduce your charges or present plans for alternative forms of restitution, should you be found guilty of the offense.

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