How to Get a Gun License in Chicago

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Fill out the Firearm Owner's Identification Card application. The form is available online at the Illinois State Government website or in person at firearm stores. Have your state ID or driver's license handy to fill out the form completely. The FOID application costs $10 and it can take 30 days to be processed. The Illinois Department of State Police decides whether the application is approved or not. Most rejections occur due to felony, illegal drug or domestic violence charges.

Fill out a sworn application for registration after buying a rifle or shotgun, but before taking possession of the firearm. Application information includes your name, home and work addresses, Social Security number, the gun information (caliber, model, manufacturer and serial number), proof of meeting Chicago registration eligibility, and two recent photos. Submit the application to the Chicago superintendent of police.

Take possession of the firearm once registration is approved. Transport the gun by unloading it and putting it into a case.


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