Service Dog Requirements in Arizona

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Arizona requirements regarding service dogs are designed to protect the animals that are servicing disabled individuals. There are laws to protect the animal and their owners, as well as requirements for the animals and individuals. Requirement vary from state to state, and Arizona has its own set of service dog requirements.

Requirements for Service Dogs

A service dog is defined as any dog that has been trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disabilities, including hearing impairments, vision impairments, and other mental or physical disabilities.


Under Arizona law, the individual who uses and owns the service dog will be held liable for any damage done to any public place by that animal.


No public place that otherwise discriminates against pets may discriminate against service dogs. Arizona's service dog requirements allow these dogs in all public areas. However, service dogs may be discriminated against and barred in areas where the animal poses a threat or burden to the area or the public in the place in question.

Service Dogs Prohibited

Zoos can prohibit service dogs in Arizona if it's possible that the dog might come into direct contact with a zoo animal.

Federal Regulatory Organizations

Requirements regarding service dogs are regulated by three organizations: the Air Carrier Access Act or ACAA, the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, and the Fair Housing Act or FHA. These three entities regulate service dog requirements in the areas of air travel, public places and housing.


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