How to Send Legal Documents

Take care to keep proof that you've sent your legal documents.
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Sending legal documents to people who require them is a simple procedure that you can accomplish with a quick trip to the post office. It's important to send any required documentation out before the deadline so that all parties involved in the situation have time to read and assess the documents they receive. Keeping good records of mailing and notifying everyone involved will ensure that if your documentation is questioned in court, you'll be able to answer any charges or concerns.

Step 1

Call each person who will be receiving copies of the documents you're sending and confirm their physical address.

Step 2

Place the documents into a document mailer. Include a piece of cardboard the same size as the paperwork to help ensure that the documents aren't bent or folded. You can obtain these items at the post office or any local office supply store.

Step 3

Take the documents in their mailer to the post office and ask the clerk to calculate and attach the postage.

Step 4

Request a Certificate of Mailing. You'll need to send you documents via First-Class mail. The Certificate of Mailing is your proof that you posted the documents with a postal worker, so be sure not to lose the receipt. If the documents pertain to an ongoing case, file the Certificate of Mailing with the Clerk of Court where the case is being heard.

Step 5

Attach a signature request to the delivery. This will show that the person who is receiving the documents actually got to him and will prevent anyone from saying that he never received his paperwork if he did.

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